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Re: implementing - gitchangelog to odoo and its modules

XOE Corp. SAS, David Arnold
- 05/23/16 15:48:55

I must agree, that developer onboarding is still a field for great improvement, both documentation-wise and culture-wise.

The idea of "Odoo Zen" is not yet born.

Best Regards, David

robert rottermann <> schrieb am Mo., 23. Mai 2016 um 14:22:

On 23.05.2016 16:07, Cody Kitterman wrote:

Here's what we're saying: "Help me help you... Help me! help... You! We care...! We want to work with you..."

This is what we get in return:

"But IMHO (and please do not take me wrong)

IF you are a python versed, you should know that those are obvious steps when you compile an sphinx documentation, and the file structure is the basic one.."

Translation: "You must
―and don't take this personally—be an idiot."
Yes, I did read it like that and...
I am old enough to give a heck ..
Nhorman has a patronizing streak, so I accept him as a patronizing guy that nevertheless provides lots of valuable information.

What bothers me more is that as soon that  somebody utters some strong opinion a nitpicky pounding of chests erupts and we are flooded with lengthy proofs/rebuttals of what ever argument the opponents seem fit  to  support or trash.

I am of the opinion that the odoo environment has many spots where strong arguments are appropriate.
It would be a pity to kill discussions that might happen around these questions them with show-offs who has the longer one ..


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