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[9.0] How to add attachments from Contact Form to Notification Mail

- 12/06/15 12:26:58
We have a contact Form where Visitors can upload an attachment as PDF

This PDF gets stored in Odoo and is visible in Leads/Opportunities - so far so good.

Now we created a Notification Mail which sends out the Content of the Contact Form to the responsible person of the company. This also works fine and the Notification gets send.

Unfortunately we can't find a way to send also the attachment with the same mail.

Here is our Mail Form which works.

Neuer Client: ${object.partner_id !=False and or object.contact_name}
ID: ${}
Firma: ${object.partner_name}
Tel: ${}
E-Mail: ${object.email_from}
Betreff: ${}
Nachricht: ${object.description}
Anhang/Attachment: ${attachment_ids}

But the last ${attachment_ids} is not working.
Does anybody know what we have to put here to attach the PDF which came in with a contact form on the website and which gets stored in odoo and is visible in L\Leads/Opportunities (Sales)

This attachment should get also forwarded to the responsible person like the data from the contact form.