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Re: OCA Command Line Interface

El Aleman, David Arnold
- 10/24/15 13:53:25
Great piece of dialectical reasoning, Ronald! I enjoyed learning that this pattern has come proverbial in the Netherlands. :)

Robert, I don't think Odoo and OCA community is that vulnerable and I've recently got to know it's very stable defense mechanisms. However, I'm convinced most people following this topic from the beginning are well aware of what can and should be improved.

I honestly don't know how far I'll get with this. I'm aware, that without help, whatsoever, I would probably not be able to make this experiment "definitely usable". Innovation requires certain degree of abundance and is prone to fail, no question. Should everyone only focus on innovation? Probably not, because this leads to the problem you describe. Should everyone only focus on operation/maintenance? Probably neither.

Revolution and Evolution are interchanging concepts. After a period of evolution, a revolution can help to clean the table. Beware: I'm not claiming either of this, here. In the case you described, revolution failed. That's always a risk, indeed. Odoo SA is putting pretty much a revolution on the table every release. I think, this is common practice in the Odoo ecosystem, it keeps people moving and business models changing. Generally a lean mindset and flexible backing organisation is what can adapt more quickly. I think, before anyone goes to the sickbed, he'll understand the need to adapt and make himself and his structures fit for the moving target. And of course, there are exceptions, as always...

If someone feels possessing certain degree of abundance, I just invite to join this attempt to innovate a little bit here and there... (because of popular demand on the github repo, rather than on this mailing list)

Best Regards and I'm looking forward to more inspiring comments!

David Arnold

El sáb., 24 oct. 2015 a las 11:17, robert rottermann (<>) escribió:
Hi David,

for years I have been working with and have been contributing to a system 
(zope/plone) that was beautifully written, well maintained, was rather 
successful, had an online community hard to match ..

Until a bunch of fire-heads entered the scene, full of brilliant albeit not 
really thoroughly cooked ideas starting to absorb all the fire-power.

The net result was, that there where many "nearly usable" modules all of them 
addressing one of the proverbial common itches, none of them really providing a 
therapy but blocking the path to a real solution.
Plone/Zope evolution has nearly ground to a halt as a consequence ..

reading your emails very much remind me of that time when zope/plone was lead to 
its sickbed..


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