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Re: Frontend Development for Odoo

Eva Pinter
- 05/26/15 04:42:41
Hi Oscar,

Did you check the mERP from Xpansa?

It has all odoo on the phone.

Eva P.

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On 26 May 2015, at 09:36, Oscar Garcia <> wrote:

Hi to everybody,

I have a potencial customer who has a distribution company.  The selling process starts with many sales people visiting retail stores, creating purchase orders on their phones (they currently work like this using a third party web system which they later synchronize with their accounting software), I want to propose Odoo to get rid of these extra systems but, as far as I know, purchase orders or not mobile fiendly.  it it possible to:
  • Make it mobile friendly via responsive design or
  • Is there a module for this already or
  • Is this not possible

Thank you to all,


Ing. Oscar A. García Chamalé
Java Developer/Web Application Developer
Project Management (Agile/SCRUM)

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