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Re: git mailmap, CLA and blame, license

- 02/10/15 15:32:07
Thanks Fabien for your precisions.

Well, so we will have to believe you on not changing the license to a closed-source one.
I am confident that you already know that doing so will really lower Odoo user base, thus its market share.

So keep up the good work.

On Tue, Feb 10, 2015 at 1:12 PM, Fabien Pinckaers <> wrote:
> It's true but from what I know it only apply to the contribution you
> make to the core. If you don't want Odoo SA to own your contributions,
> you just have to make a module. No CLA is required for community module.

Yes, it's only for contributions to the core.

> The CLA is important for open-source projects, even the OCA ask to sign
> it. Remember the lack of CLA is the reason why the linux kernel is still
> in GPLv2 and not GPLv3, they were not able to find and ask the
> permission to every contributors. Honestly, I though Odoo SA should
> start asking for it long ago.
> That said after seeing the mail from afayolle, I think a change
> restriction to only the OSI-approved licenses (like OCA did for their
> CLA) would be greatly appreciated.

What have been done in AGPL/LGPL will always stay in AGPL/LGPL. That's
the best guarantee we can give you.

There are plenty of reason why want to have the possibility to dual
license to a non OSI-approved license (and it will not change the fact
that you still own a AGPL/LGPL version of Odoo):

- to conform to big customers policies: we had to do it with the
  "AGPL+Private use" clause in the past for a few key customers
- for technical reasons (e.g. its not possible to certify an open
  source accounting software in some countries. Thus a dual license may
  help to get a certification)
- for business reasons: if our model can not sustain R&D efforts, it's
  better to go for an hybrid model rather than stopping completely our
  contributions because of a bankruptcy. --> that's one of the reason
  why we launched the Apps store. Those extra revenues may help
  financing a better open source core.


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