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Re: Filter invoices by city and/or tags

Dave Ellison
- 02/02/15 04:49:38

Just off top of my head, you'd need to change the search view. Add in a
group by.. however the partner is linked by a many2one. So the city is
not actually stored in the invoice model. So how you would / can expose
the city from there, I am not 100% sure.


On Sun, 2015-02-01 at 01:52 +0000, Felipe Scarel wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm currently deploying Odoo with a client, and a doubt arose and I
> couldn't readily find how to solve this problem. This client sells on
> a variety of cities, and he asked if it'd be possible to print a
> report or sort/filter invoices categorized by customer city (or,
> alternatively, tags assigned to customers).
> For example, if clients A, B and C are all from city X, he'd want to
> show all invoices for clients on city X.
> As far as I've researched, it's possible to filter invoices by a
> variety of parameters, but the only one pertaining to the client is
> its name. The city/address and tag parameters seem to be available for
> filtering only on the "Clients" context, which I'm assuming is due to
> the fact that they belong to the client table or something similar.
> Therefore, I'd imagine some sort of SQL JOIN would solve that problem,
> but it doesn't seem to be available through the Odoo interface.
> Is this sort of operation supported natively by Odoo, or perhaps by
> any addons/applications? Or, rather, should I query the SQL database
> directly to produce that sort of report?
> Thanks in advance for your help!
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