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Looking for industry specific examples of Odoo deployments/implementations

- 01/31/15 09:26:28
Hello Odoo Community,

I'm reaching out to the community for a client that is looking at odoo as an option for migration from an existing commercial ERP. One of the biggest concerns they have is whether or not others in their industry are currently using OpenERP/Odoo, and want assurances that it will be a good fit.

My client is a metals company, and they have a few 'non-standard' challenges. Inventory needs to be tracked by standard units or shape (slab, billet, sheet, coil, ingot, etc.), associated attributes (width, length, gauge, grade, etc.), and heat (chemical make-up of the metal). Production processes often involve transforming, cutting, shaping, washing, or various combinations making typical BOMs difficult to configure and manage.

In addition, weight variances are common. Weights on a PO, at time of receipt, on a Sales Acknowledgement, on the Packing Slip or on the Invoice are rarely the same. However, tolerances need to be tightly controlled. Carefully controlled Sequences and Quality checks are still in place along the way.

The system needs to have end-to-end visibility of the entire manufacturing process; from raw materials acquisition, to testing outside processing, shaping, treating, fabricating and on to shipping and billing.

The question is, has anyone used odoo in this industry and in this manner. If so, can you provide the names of the company or companies? I don't need implementation details or references, just affirmation that others are using odoo for metals processing and inventory -- my client doesn't want to blaze trails (though if the case can be made that odoo is up to the job, they may be persuaded).

I think for the size company, odoo lines up well for their needs, I only need to be able to point to a few examples that other companies are using the software as described above. I've done smaller implementation of odoo/OpenERP myself, but along traditional lines (simple manufacturing processes with simple BOMs, simple parts inventory, and a simple retail/POS installation), not with these complex requirements.

Thank you in advance for any feedback provided,

- Mike

Michael Elso
AMR Solutions, Inc.