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Save time and money with Odoo's agile, flexible, and real-time Project Management system

Connect with our experts through this webinar and gain invaluable insight into Odoo Project Management:

  • Organize projects and assign tasks around your own processes.

  • Create alerts to stay up to date. 

  • Collaboratively edit project proposals or meeting minutes inside the application.

  • Chat in real time, share documents, integrate your emails.

  • Fully integrated with Timesheets, Contracts & Invoices.

  • Create and review reports and dashboards

Odoo's collaborative and real-time project management helps you get the work done.Keep track of everything; from the big picture to the smallest details; from the customer contract to the final billing.

Simple. Flexible. And fully integrated with the rest of the Odoo Apps ecosystem.

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Why attend a webinar?

Webinars are live online demonstrations where one of our team members explains the main features and benefits of Odoo. We can directly answer any questions you may have through a Q&A.

Every webinar lasts approximately one hour and is free to join.



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Nov 11 2014

03:00 AM 11:00 AM


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