Webinar EN- Optimize your stock level with Odoo Warehouse

Odoo WMS 

Save time and money with Odoo's revolutionary double entry inventory system.  

Connect with our experts through this webinar and gain invaluable insight into Odoo WMS:

  • See how to decrease your process times

  • Learn to automate inventory transactions 

  • Reduce stock levels 

  • Ensure complete traceability on all operations with the Odoo double entry inventory system.

  • Manage multiple locations 

  • Create and review reports and dashboards

Odoo prepares all operations for you, according to your own logistic rules: push rules, pull rules, make-to-order, minimum stock rules, etc. Optimize the planning and jobs with the scheduler to reduce your process time. 

Simple. Flexible. And fully integrated with the rest of the Odoo Apps ecosystem.

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Why attend a webinar?

Webinars are live online demonstrations where one of our team members explains the main features and benefits of Odoo. We can directly answer any questions you may have through a Q&A.

Every webinar lasts approximately one hour and is free to join.



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Oct 14 2014

03:00 AM 11:00 AM


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+1 (650) 691-3277