Webdav, Caldav & Co. in Odoo

OpenDays 2014

A multi client management proof of concept

OpenERP stores files, contact data as well as calendar information. In general one wants to have access to all this information on mobile and / or desktop clients in order to seamlessy sync the stored data. In OpenERP different approaches do exist. Besides app solutions and sync with Google Cloud there is a webdav protocol implementation. 

The OpenERP module was shifted to the community and has only a bit of support. Within this talk we would like to present a proof of concept that improves the performance of the core webdav module by roughly 100 times. We are also going to present our progress towards a full customer data adressbook and calendar synchronisation with mobile phones.

About The Author

Torsten Francke

Markus Schneider is the lead developer from the initOS GmbH & Co. KG,
Hamburg, Germany.
Since 4 years, Markus develops OpenERP Modules and he loves Open Source
Software. He studied mathematics with computer science on the
Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg.

Practical Info

06/04/2014 10:30
20 minutes
Developers / Foyer du Lac