Using the pip package manager for Odoo modules

OpenERP community contributed modules are available from many separate locations and version control systems (bzr, hg, git).
Additionally many of these modules have dependencies on modules from other repositories. 
This makes it difficult to install them along with all the required dependencies.

OpenERP proposes a solution for this, with an "Apps" function in the product that connects with to discover community modules and install them also resolving needed dependencies. However, this still has some limitations, in particular for technical experts and integrators, so there is space for an alternate solution.

The pip utility is an established tools in the Python community to automate program installation. 
To use it for OpenERP module installation would feel only natural for technical experts. 
It also puts all pip tooling at the service of OpenERP, such as virtualenvs, requirement files / version freezing, or version update checking and installation.

Here is proposed an open sourced capable of packaging OpenERP modules in pip installable distributions. 
Along with it, a PyPi-like index was also created for the OpenERP community modules.
These tools could also be put to use by integrators and consultants an easy way to make their own OpenERP distributions available for their customers.

Date & time

06/05/2014 09:30


20 minutes

Developers / Foyer du Lac
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