Use Odoo as NRP, Network Ressource Planning

OpenDays 2014

WeZer builds stronger communities by making them exchanging goods and services with multiple currencies (even mutual credits) though Odoo plateform. We are really proud to announce that we are already using the v8 and above all the website and CMS modules so as to put offers and demands from users. We will show the administration console that we are developing right now. The potentiality of Odoo will be shared with the audience with our new module. We hope there will be a lot of questions about the use&conditions and people will take part of our project. We ask for a Lightning Talk, thanks!

About The Author

Julien Dussart

I am the founder of a big LETS in France and since one year, I am making with an association tools for communities. After a Master in Controller and IT system in a business school named ESCEM Tours-Poitiers, I worked during four years as a financial consultant so as to implement FI-CO SAP modules. I see the advantage of ERPs for associations but also their power for making processes and their reliability for managing money. Yannick Buron has been an OpenERP developper for the last four years after graduated at SupInfo.

Practical Info

06/05/2014 11:20
20 minutes
Discovery / Foyer Royal