Tutorial on New Inbound Marketing Apps

In this tutorial, Fabien will present the new inbound markerting apps in OpenERP version 8. It includes:

  • The new survey app,
  • The new mass mailing application,
  • The new mailinglist management apps,
  • The new event management app,
  • The new blog application (a clone of Medium.com),
  • The new forum and Q&A website,
  • The twitter integration apps for your website,
A complete integration amongst all those Apps makes OpenERP unique to setup an efficient 360° marketing platform.
You will learn how to:
  • Add efficient call-to-actions to blogs and product pages,
  • Add Geo-Target snippets in your website to promote local events,
  • Organize your communication through several communication channels and targeted audience,
  • Improve your SEO to promote pages and products,
  • Trigger live chat sessions with your website visitors to engage with prospects,
  • Create communities through Q&A, mailing lists and gamification mechanisms.
Date & time

06/05/2014 09:00


50 minutes

Functional / Lauzelle

Sponsors & Event Partners