OpenDays 2014

Discover Odoo Point-of-Sale in V8: Your shop ready to use in 20 minutes

  • 06/04/2014 08:00
  • Functional / Lauzelle

This talk will present all the new features of the OpenERP Point of Sale in version 8. Some of the features that will be explained during this talk: How to use the Posbox to sync hardware with the OpenERP Point of Sale The new features such as table management, kitchen printer, credit card payment interface How to handle refunds, product returns, discount codes, etc. During this talk , Frédéric will also explain the future of the PosBox project. ...

Integrate hardware materials with the Point of Sale Box

  • 06/05/2014 09:00
  • Functional / Main Theatre

The PosBox is a little hardware box based on a Raspberry-Pi that will handle all the peripherals' drivers for the OpenERP point of sale and setup in a very easy way: You connect the PosBox to your local network. You plug your USB peripherals ( Receipt Printer - Barcode Scanner ) to the PosBox You launch OpenERP's Point of Sale on any device - iPad, Android Tablet or PC -while connected to your local network. There are no step 4, it's already working The PosBox will serve as a gateway between...