Odoo Direct Methodology : Your Business Live in 2 weeks

OpenDays 2014

About The Author

Jaime Catalan Pinto (jca)

Jaime Catalan Pinto joined Odoo as Channel account manager in January 2013. 

A few months later, he was promoted to the position of Direct Sales EMEA Manager. He took over a team of 4 people and worked on promoting Odoo standard SAAS solutions to end customers. During his two years in this role, Jaime formulated different sales techniques to adapt our approach and methodology to the needs and profiles of end customers.

Since February 2015, Jaime has been in charge of the Odoo Sales Academy with the goal of sharing this approach with all Odoo Sales Academy attendees. After holding two sessions, we can already say that trainees have improved their sales techniques and Odoo skills.

Practical Info

06/06/2014 04:30
30 minutes