Advanced use of new warehouse management system

OpenDays 2014

As last year, we presented extensively what we were going to do, now is the time to show what we accomplished.  In order to do that, there is no better way than presenting you with a comprehensive multi-warehouse use case that we will simply configure and demonstrate before your eyes.  

First, we want to explain how simple it is to configure the different movements between and within warehouses.  This will be done through a new concept called routes that bundle the advanced push and pull rules.  In the simplest of use cases, you won't need to know about them, but in this talk we will explain how they work in order to understand the more advanced configurations.  In our demo use case, the routes can also be different for several product categories and we will need to configure some reordering rules for certain products as well.  

Second, warehouses need to be operated: setting up inventory, receiving goods from purchase orders, assigning lots, putting them into stock, packing goods, delivering, executing manufacturing orders.    We will explain how the bar code interface proposes operations for the warehouse operator and what happens behind the scenes when the operator takes the correct quantities and when he takes the wrong quantities.  As a matter of fact, doing those simple operations can become quite complex behind the scenes as moves are split, backorders are created, pickings are force assigned, goods are returned, ...   We want to explain the mechanisms behind by showing what happens in the demo.  

We will convince you that the Odoo Warehouse Management System fulfills the simplest needs in an intuitive way, fulfills complex needs by default and is the platform of choice for development of the most complex needs.  

About The Author

Josse Colpaert (jco)

R&D - Developer

Josse spent several years as a technical director in a company developing warehouse management solutions. He has a wide knowledge of both the business side as well as the core development of Odoo. After joining Odoo in 2012, he began working with the R&D team on projects including payment follow-up, FIFO, and of course warehouse management. 

Practical Info

06/06/2014 05:30
50 minutes
Discovery / Foyer Royal