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Flavor full, alcohol free: the delicious journey of Le Paon Qui Boit
Customer Success Story Community Talk
Location: Hall 7.E - 11/9/23, 5:00 PM - 11/9/23, 5:30 PM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)
Flavor full, alcohol free: the delicious journey of Le Paon Qui Boit
Laborde Augustin
Laborde Augustin

Augustin, a former lawyer and political analyst, transitioned to entrepreneurship after a transformative two-year alcohol-free period. Frustrated by limited options during social outings, he pioneered France's "100% alcohol-free cellar shop."

His innovative concept offers over 400 adult-friendly alcohol-free beverages, including wines, beers, and spirits at his vibrant store and online.
Under Augustin's leadership since 2021, this venture has united a passionate team dedicated to novelty and well-being. With a focus on inclusivity, his vibrant Parisian shop has become a must-visit destination, promoting a new way of socializing.


Le Paon Qui Boit, a dynamic start-up selling non-alcoholic beverages, has been looking for an ERP solution to streamline operations and foster growth.
With Odoo, they witnessed an increased productivity and efficiency with seamless module integration.
They were able to leave technical complexities to Odoo and focus on their core business instead.

Le Paon Qui Boit discovered that with Odoo, they did not have to settle for only part of their business.
They embraced the idea of starting with everything at once, which allowed them to hit the ground running.
Opting for standard implementations facilitated a rapid production phase, saving them valuable time and resources.

Odoo proved to be the centralized solution they needed – one tool for all their business needs.
As they grew, they appreciated the platform's evolutive nature, which allowed them to easily expand their scope thanks to the subscription module.
The fast implementation kick-started their business journey as a showcase of Odoo being the ideal choice for SMEs and start-ups.

Today, Le Paon Qui Boit is on a fast track to success, powered by Odoo.


Key Learnings:
- Time and money saved : a standard & phasing implementation to accelerate the go-live in a start-up environment
- Odoo is a perfect fit in the start-up phase, allowing adaptable growth when addressing multiple needs and refining later is common. 
- Right from the start : an all-in-one solution for your long-term vision
- Odoo is a centralized power-station, which allows everyone to focus on their actual work and added-value.
- Critical adaptability : an evolutive solution avoids to be stuck when your business needs to be scaled up
- Odoo is a perfect ERP system for BtoC multi-channel sales businesses; the marketing modules bring even more value.

Added Value:
- Real showcase of a multi-channel retail store launch from scratch through a fast phasing implementation
- How to launch your eCommerce in one month : tips & tricks
- No better voice : sharing your experience and discussing your projects

Target Audience: startups, retail stores, e-commerce, and businesses with multiple sales channels