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Senior Care Home starts with Odoo - Odoo for healthcare
Customer Success Story Community Talk
Location: Auditorium 500 - 10/14/22, 11:30 AM - 10/14/22, 12:00 PM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

Senior Care Home starts with Odoo - Odoo for healthcare
Dominique Peters
Founder at Software Buro
Founder at Software Buro

I have been active at the crossroad of IT and healthcare for quite some time. With my company, we’ve created software solutions for occupational health providers in Belgium and for hospital employee health in the US.
4 years ago, we started our Odoo adventure and launched a software solution for opticians with the Odoo backend. As an Odoo partner we’re looking to get Odoo known in the healthcare field.

When Apricusa started a new senior care home in Hungary, they were looking for a software solution to log and follow up on all the care given and needed for their residents that was easy to use for the caregivers.

Based on the client's needs and using Odoo studio, we were able to impress them during the first demo:

  • Clients became residents
  • A health care tree shows the needs and the kind of care for each resident.
  • Allergies and food preparation: there's an overview of each resident's breakfast, lunch, and dinner preferences and allergies information.
  • Caregivers can scan an NFC tag when entering the residents' rooms. The resident's information is consultable/visible on a phone or other devices in a split second.
  • Medication list: every resident has their medication schedule. The caregivers get an overview to prepare the medication for all residents.
  • Wound care: the caregiver can upload an image of a wound and log instructions on how it should be treated.
  • There is an easy way to log contacts with family members, doctors, or other caregivers.

Apricusa's management was impressed with how Odoo-based software can easily provide solutions to handle their residents' care while working on a modern cloud-based platform.