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E-invoicing - dealing with governmental complications
Location: Auditorium 2000 B - 10/14/22, 9:30 AM - 10/14/22, 10:00 AM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

E-invoicing - dealing with governmental complications
Josse Colpaert

R&D - Developer

Josse spent several years as a technical director in a company developing warehouse management solutions. He has a wide knowledge of both the business side as well as the core development of Odoo. After joining Odoo in 2012, he began working with the R&D team on projects including payment follow-up, FIFO, and of course warehouse management. 

This talk will guide you through governments' complex regulations and needs on e-invoicing.
We will focus on how Odoo handles these challenges, improving users' daily work.
Follow this talk to find recommendations and solutions to ease your digital invoices by staying compliant and meeting requirements.