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Why Amiviz Decided to Migrate From Zoho to Odoo
Customer Success Story
Location: Studio 7 - 10/6/21, 5:00 PM - 10/6/21, 5:30 PM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

Why Amiviz Decided to Migrate From Zoho to Odoo
Chintan Shah

Chintan is a serial entrepreneur and in his 20 years of professional journey, he has helped multiple small and large company's digital transformation activities. He has played a vision-oriented role in customer relationships and in helping customer companies grow to the next level. Chintan's understanding of technology helped multiple companies to adopt the technology that sustains and matches for their business.

Amiviz is the exclusive license holder for multiple cybersecurity products and they do have a big dealer/vendor network as well across the globe. They are currently managing all the vendor communication, quotation, accounting via the different systems and also excel sheets as well, so Brainvire partnered with them for overall transformation and provided a unified solution. Custom mobile applications are also provided which are connected with Odoo in real-time and also a vendor portal which is an extension of the Odoo provided extensive features to the vendor. The solution is used by both internal members of Amiviz and also all the supply chain partners as well.


What is Amiviz's mode of business?
Of the following, which is not a pain point for Amiviz?


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