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What's New in the Odoo HR Suite?
Demo Functional
Location: Studio 1 - 10/7/21, 2:30 PM - 10/7/21, 3:00 PM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

What's New in the Odoo HR Suite?
Charlotte Trigaux Business Analyst  at Odoo

Charlotte started her career in Human Resources about 4 years ago when she joined Odoo as a Talent Acquisition Officer. Seeking a new challenge, she decided to change departments, and so, for the last 2 years, she has been working as a Business Analyst. In this position, she manages implementation projects and has applications related to Human Resources as one of her areas of expertise

In this talk you'll discover all the new features of the Human Resources suite. 

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When a time off is validated after the payment of the batch of payslips of the related month
Once the appraisal is marked as done, all the information of the appraisal form is visible for the employee and the manager(s)?