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What's New in Social Marketing?
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Location: Studio 2 - 10/6/21, 3:30 PM - 10/6/21, 4:00 PM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

What's New in Social Marketing?
Jessica Belloc Business Advisor  at Odoo

Sales & Marketing Business Analyst at Odoo, she's passionate about new technologies and disruptive enablers. Jessica has over 5 years supporting digital initiatives. Coming from a consulting world, she diversified her experience helping various clients to increase their business revenues by boosting their online marketing strategy.

Are you a marketer looking for an efficient and easy-to-use solution to help you handle your social media posts in a modern and intuitive way? Nurture your community by managing all your social content in one place - thanks to Odoo Social V15!

In this talk, you'll learn about the new Streams and Improvements, such as Youtube and Instagram, new videos previewing, a multi-company setup, and so much more!
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