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What's New in Odoo 15 Appraisal?
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Location: Studio 1 - 10/7/21, 4:00 PM - 10/7/21, 4:30 PM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

What's New in Odoo 15 Appraisal?
Jorn De Keersmaecker Business Partnership Consultant  at Odoo

Jorn De Keersmaecker, has been working as a Business Partnership Consultant at Odoo for nearly 2 years.

He studied HR Management and has a passion for his job.

By working for big organizations (SAP Background), he knows how it feels to get feedback from your management. Such feedback allows you to set personal goals, and helps you monitor how to reach those goals in the most efficient way possible.

Appraisals are one of the best opportunities for employees and managers to receive and give feedback. Appraisals are also great for identifying training needs, spotting talents, and rewarding performances.

In this talk, you will discover how Odoo Appraisals allows you to create appraisals in just minutes, and how they can help managers (and employees) achieve their goals.


If a manager is uploading a document in the employee’s record, who is the owner of the document?
Is it possible to ask for feedback from a colleague, without giving them access to the appraisal module?
Where can you change the “skills” of an employee?


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