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RFM Analysis in Odoo: Accurate Marketing Strategy
Demo Functional
Location: Studio 8 - 10/7/21, 9:00 PM - 10/7/21, 9:30 PM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

RFM Analysis in Odoo: Accurate Marketing Strategy
Payal Kheradiya Functional Consultant at Setu Consulting

Miss. Payal Kheradiya is a functional Consultant at Setu Consulting.

She has been providing top-notch, analytical and management advice to businesses in providing accurate IT Solutions.

With her experience as an independent consultant, sound understanding of Odoo’s Functional aspects and a skilled communicator having ability to grasp problems well, she has now increased her responsibilities of management related activities, coordinating with the skilled technical team to expertise in providing IT solutions within affordable time.

Payal has earned a degree in Information and Technology engineering where she developed a passionate interest in providing cutting-edge smart IT solutions.

The goal of this talk is to familiarize and introduce you with a potential solution, the marketing strategies, the advantages and perks the RFM analysis app in Odoo provides to Marketers by analysing the complete behaviour of customers based on their purchase history, revenue generated by them.

Key Learning:

We will discuss the following key points, RFM Analysis is able to provide:

-Smart Customers segmentation technique based on data driven from their purchase history.

-Marketing strategies that can be applied to customers of all RFM Segments to gain the most profit from customers.

-Decision Making Strategy to Marketers aiding them to analyze and decide the group of potential customers which they can afford,

-Yearly analysis Report generation facility which allows marketers to analyze the outcomes of strategies applied and also the changes to do if required to improve the sales of next year.

Value to audience:

It aids Marketers in every field by providing them solutions by segmenting groups of customers, also describing activities of every customer like their last visit timeline, number of times they visit, revenue they generate.

Target Audience:

Marketers of every business who are facing problems in distributing customers to different segments based on their activities and thus facing problems in deciding the marketing strategy to increase sales, revenue of the business.


Customers of which segments are of 1st priority importance for your Business?
Customers belonging to which segment have not transacted since a long time and can be recalled by offering discount coupons?
Which segment customers do not purchase frequently but whenever they purchase they generate the highest revenue for the business?