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Organize Projects Perfectly with Odoo
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Location: Studio 4 - 10/7/21, 3:30 PM - 10/7/21, 4:00 PM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

Organize Projects Perfectly with Odoo
Deniz Gürcan Business Advisor EMEA  at Odoo

I started my career by digging deeply into the amazing field of consumer behavior and behavioral economics, applying this knowledge for almost 5 years in a Marketing role.

Having conducted further studies in Business and Analytics, ultimately helps me better understand how companies work, and therefore, help them evolve with Odoo.

Projects are everywhere! 
There is nothing new about projects being woven into the fabric of almost every company's operations. 

However, many projects still spiral into resource-consuming monsters, unmanageable, and doomed to fail.

Organization is the key to avoid that!

In this talk, we will speak about the importance of the organization of projects, and how to achieve that with the Odoo Project application.

Our main focus will be the following topics:

- Map out your project by creating task dependencies and milestones.

- Keep track through managing the critical path and monitoring your progress in the Gantt Chart.

- Communicate and collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to keep everyone involved and happy. 

Project Managers gather around, we need to talk!


Overall Project Success is not only limited to the achievement of the ultimate goal. It's also determined by which of the following:
What is likely to be the key in making a successful project?