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Integrate your Odoo Store with bol.com
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Location: Studio 1 - 10/6/21, 9:00 PM - 10/6/21, 9:30 PM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

Integrate your Odoo Store with bol.com
Karan Shah Co-Founder at Indigo ERP

Karan Shah co-founded Indigo ERP, headquartered in the Netherlands. He has extensive experience in the development and implementation of solutions using Odoo for MSMEs.
He is responsible for product development, consultancy services, and overseeing complex implementations for clients worldwide.

With experienced in-house developers and advisors in the Netherlands and a branch in India, Indigo's ERP team assists numerous start-ups using Odoo in their day-to-day operations. It provides bespoke software development solutions to help them to maintain optimum use of their Odoo instances.

As one of the largest online marketplaces in Europe, it's essential for shop owners to sell their products on the bol.com marketplace.
With IndigoERP's bol.com Odoo connector, any shop owner can sell effortlessly on bol.com.
They can manage a variety of key aspects of the bol.com marketplace, such as the synchronization of orders, products, shipments, labels, etc. directly from Odoo.
The solution was developed to handle multiple bol.com stores and to manage all products from different stores, with different options for the same item for each store, including different pricing, stock, and product description. Yet everything remains centralized in a single Odoo installation, putting them firmly in the driver seat to control their SEO.
In this talk, we will take you through all the features of our solution and help you understand how you can easily launch and manage your bol.com store directly from Odoo.


What operations on bol products can you do using the Odoo-bol connector?
How does the Odoo-bol connector keep track of the correct stock levels for the bol product?
How many products are imported from "Test store 1"?


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