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Increase Engagement With Your End Users by Enabling a Bidirectional WhatsApp Integration
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Location: Studio 7 - 10/6/21, 4:30 PM - 10/6/21, 5:00 PM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

Increase Engagement With Your End Users by Enabling a Bidirectional WhatsApp Integration
Tony Farhat Regional Manager  at Ever Business Solutions

Tony Farhat is the Regional Manager of Ever Business Solutions in UAE & Kuwait.

With more than 5 years of experience in ERP Project Management and Software implementation, Tony was able to develop a successful career with Odoo as a tool and Ever Business Solutions as a market leader in digital solutions and ERP Implementations.

Following multiple successful stories in the GCC Region, Tony has been assigned as a country manager for both UAE & KUWAIT Territories.
In 6 months only, Ever Business Solutions was able to built a profile of 20+ loyal Odoo customers, each being the top notch of its industry.

With the help of the R&D Team, Tony was able to penetrate the market with innovative and tailored products built on top of Odoo, that boosted their reputation in the market and provided sets of productive tools that facilitates the operations' processes.

Following the increasing demand of our Odoo customers for better engagement with their end users, whereas SMS and Email are not usually enough, we ended up by architecting a new tool that enables bidirectional whatsapp integration.

Our whatsapp product, is just an external, central and advanced version of the native Odoo Discuss.

Sales orders, Journal entries, Expenses, Leaves, replenishment or any single transaction in Odoo can be immediately communicated with the related partner to his whatsapp account.

The process doesn't stop here, but the product, being bidirectional compatible, is able to capture the whatsapp replies from the partner and display it in a whatsapp chatter where Odoo users can have full visibility of all ongoing chats in one place.

Whatsapp chatroom, is another screen of this product acting as one stop chatter, that enables the user to create a new chat, and drag and drop all type of Odoo transactions without any limitation.

The next upgrade of this product has been architected already and it will include an advanced chatbot based on this whatsapp integration, that can provide the end users with a lot of helpful information, including but not limited to: their orders, scheduled deliveries, Statement of account, pending payments, etc.


On which Odoo version is the the Bidirectional Whatsapp product available?
Does the product allow you to confirm a Sales order automatically through your chat?


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