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How to Manage your Accounting Firm with Odoo
Business Customer Success Story
Location: Studio 1 - 10/7/21, 6:30 PM - 10/7/21, 7:30 PM (Europe/Brussels) (1 hour)

How to Manage your Accounting Firm with Odoo
Wynand Tastenhoye Business Services Manager  at Odoo

After he graduated from HUB, Wynand started his career at a big four firm in Brussels as an accountant and tax advisor, at which he worked for about 8 years. He reoriented himself about 6 years ago into the ERP business and worked on financial solutions for different ERPs most of the time. He joined Odoo in 2018 as a Business Analyst in the Quickstart Consultancy team and is accompanying customers in the implementation of Odoo based upon their specific needs. His extensive financial experience also contributes to the launch of the product for accounting firm# in multiple countries. Since September last year, he started working with partners and is responsible for the consultancy services Odoo offers to partners in Europe & Africa.

Are you (working at) an accounting firm and tired of working with an accounting tool that is not adapted to the current needs of a modern accounting firm? Join this talk and learn about how accounting firms handle the daily tasks of their customers with an all-in-one software as Odoo.

You will learn how Odoo can manage all specific needs of an accounting firm, such as follow-up on customers, becoming fully paperless, reducing manual intervention with a powerful OCR and AI, and so much more!