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How to Build an App from Scratch (With No Coding Skills)
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Location: Studio 3 - 10/6/21, 9:00 PM - 10/6/21, 9:30 PM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

How to Build an App from Scratch (With No Coding Skills)
Lucas Lanziotti Business Partnership Consultant  at Odoo

Former professional athlete turned geek, Lucas Lanziotti, is a team leader at the Partnership division of Odoo.

Born in Brazil, and rooted in Italy, he usually chooses his nationality depending on the topic at hand. In Belgium for roughly 4 years (gosh time flies), Lucas consulted on European project implementations, and dipped his toes in lobbying, before realizing that regulation is slow, and the industry is fast.

Lucas joined Odoo as a Partnership Consultant, and is now supporting his team to expand Odoo’s partner ecosystem of implementers and integrators of ERP all across Europe and Africa.

Developing and maintaining additional code can be difficult and time-consuming. That's why we created Odoo Studio. With Studio, customizations are made easily, via a quick and intuitive UI.

In this talk, Lucas will create an entire Odoo app without having to code once. He'll customize the database for a customer with specific requests. With the Studio Tool, anyone can tailor a database to fit any customer’s unique needs. Better yet, we'll see how the framework allows us to do it in no time at all!

Don't miss out on this one, and stick around for the live Q&A, where Lucas will readily respond to your questions.