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How Odoo Transformed HORECA STAR’s Foodservice Distribution Business
Customer Success Story
Location: Studio 7 - 10/6/21, 6:00 PM - 10/6/21, 6:30 PM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

How Odoo Transformed HORECA STAR’s Foodservice Distribution Business
Mohamed Shedeed CEO - HORECA STAR  at Horeca

The founder of HORECA STAR & iHORECA, with more than 12 years of experience in the FMCG and HORECA industry out of 14 years working and corporate experience. He used to work for Commercial International Bank, Makro Cash & Carry and was leading the distribution team of Unilever Food Solutions in 3 countries before establishing HORECA STAR. Mohamed devoted his passion and business experience in revolutionizing the foodservice industry in Egypt and launching iHORECA—the first food distribution online platform in the region.

Mohamed believes that technology is not only crucial for the success of any business, but for its survival in the market nowadays. This was the main motive behind making him employ the full potential of technology to transform and modernize the daily operations at HORECA STAR.

Mohamed introduced an innovation to the foodservice industry in Egypt coupled with technological possibilities that made HORECA STAR’s daily operations easier, faster and more convenient.

Founded in 2016, HORECA STAR is a foodservice distributor that provides supreme distribution services with a wide range of high quality food and hygiene products from worldwide trusted brands. Serving our HORECA customers—Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes and Catering—with more than 400 SKUs and covering more than 12 regions and governorates in Egypt through our 7 warehouses.

iHORECA.com, a complete online platform serving both B2B and B2C segments enabling them to order their food and hygiene supplies, track their purchases and view their past transactions with us. iHORECA Blog, the unified hub for the foodservice community professionals to connect, share, interact and discover the latest tips, trends, articles and exclusive interviews with experts in the food & beverage industry; simply with one click anywhere and at any time.

Learn more about us through: www.ihoreca.com

Being a company with a technological and strategic vision, we needed a strong and unified system that could help us connect the different business functions, provide ability to thoroughly monitor our on-ground stocks & sales, accurately forecast the quantities required and sales targets across different territories and most importantly bring to the foodservice industry the first food distribution online platform in the region and build a great blog that can help us spread the professional knowledge in the industry and connect the foodservice community professionals.

We implemented Odoo after just 2 months from starting the business to increase the business processes automation and to create strong integrations and connections between the different business functions. Having a unified system eliminated the need for using multiple applications, the business processes became more centralized, running smoother and faster. Not to mention, the increased visibility over the business and the remarkable increase in the communications and collaboration between the different business functions.

Odoo has transformed our business by reducing the time and effort consumed in the manually conducted business processes and eliminating the human errors that occurred before. It allowed us to have more control over the business and increased the visibility over our sales operations and our warehouses.

Our business is growing with each Odoo upgrade, we have seen an increase in the business performance, benefited from the feature updates in each Odoo version, we started the journey from Odoo 9 to Odoo 11 and most recently upgraded to Odoo 14.


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