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Helping administrations respond to citizen requests and inquiries
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Location: Studio 5 - 10/6/21, 9:30 PM - 10/6/21, 10:00 PM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

Helping administrations respond to citizen requests and inquiries
Woodruff Pascale Project Manager  at BHC

Pascale Woodruff is Project Manager at BHC, an Odoo Partner based in Belgium.

Antopolis is a management software dedicated to public administrations and citizens, based on Odoo.
Its core functionality, "Citizen Relationship Management" (CiRM), aims at helping administrations or respond quickly, succinctly, and accurately to citizen requests or inquiries for answers to questions and general information about policies, practices, and procedures. This term takes CRM as its abbreviation and is a deliberate play on the more common expansion of that abbreviation, customer relationship management.
Ultimately, the goal of CiRM is to foster closer, more effective and efficient working relationships, better anticipate and meet citizen needs, and develop a more detailed working understanding of what citizens want, expect, and need from those who serve them.
Reduce your paper marketing by using a digital platform to communicate and exchange with your citizens. Discover our back office for administration and the mobile app for citizens. Send push notifications to your citizens for all important information related to your city.
Citizens will also be able to contact your administration in a few clicks for all your services, such as requesting an official document, signaling incidents in the municipality, or registering to summer camps for kids. In addition, citizens and administration workers are equipped with a mobile app that allows them to perform their actions from any place and at any time with an ergonomic interface.
Antopolis - Smart citizens living in a smart city!