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Help end-users onboard with interactive popup video messages
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Location: Studio 8 - 10/7/21, 3:00 PM - 10/7/21, 3:30 PM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

Help end-users onboard with interactive popup video messages
Mohammad Motahar Consultant  at High Tech Masterminds Pty Ltd

Dr. Motahar is an award-winning high tech inventor & Computer Scientist (PhD) and an experienced ERP team leader (Odoo, SAP) at High Tech Masterminds, Odoo partner in Sydney, Australia. He is OpenERP/Odoo certified since 2012, and since then, he has been assisting customers from 17 different countries, including high profile UN agencies, for digital technology adoptions and ERP training and implementation in various sectors.

Apart from his industry role, He is also the Odoo education partner and very active in research and teaching. He is the lead lecturer of enterprise systems (SAP S4/HANA & Odoo) and Business Process Analytics and Automation (BPMN, RPA) for Federation University Australia and has been working on some of the most exciting R&D projects using Odoo. The last project was an AutoPilot APIs (Controlling drones by developing Python Rest APIs and building a virtual control tower using Odoo as the platform). This project was the finalist in the Australian space agency 12 weeks Hackathon competition.

He is passionate about high tech, and he is one of the contributors to the Australian tech startup ecosystem as the expert in residence (Virtual CTO) at Sydney Startup Hub. He assists Australian startup founders as a high tech mentor to build the ultimate Tech Stack for scale.

End users are playing a vital role in the success of any Odoo project. They are the ones who have to use the new software within the organization, and helping end-users in onboarding is always a priority for Odoo project managers. Only a group of well trained, knowledgeable Odoo users who work with the system with confidence can contribute to the efficiency of the business processes within their companies. That's why defining success in many ERP implementations worldwide is not just about project deliverables anymore but is whether end-users can adopt the new software efficiently in their day-to-day operations.

Traditional end-user training and onboarding is always a challenge, and research shows that employees tend to forget up to 70% of the knowledge about ERP packages they learned through traditional lecture-style onsite or online classes only a day after the training.

In this talk, we discuss interactive popup video messages as an effective method to help onboard end-users and increase the adoption rate of Odoo within the organizations. This method focuses on the end-user's role within the organization and allocates a to-do item for each user based on their roles. Then end users have to start working with the system in the staging database and complete to-do items. Users are guided by step-by-step tooltips equipped with quick embedded videos explaining every single step. This method can simulate the production environment for end-users, and micro training embedded videos will guide users to gain the knowledge related to each step separately while they are doing it.

It is expected that the solution helps Odoo project managers transform the business software into a dynamic learning platform to engage users in adopting the new system and reduce employee's resistance (which is a top risk factor in any ERP project). In addition to that, it will reduce the cost of ongoing training and unnecessary support tickets and increase utilization of Odoo features and productivity within the organization and contributes to the success of the Odoo project.


According to Hermann Ebbinghaus forgetting curve, Employees, forget 50% of what they learn within _____ of learning it.


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