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Eliminating the Integration Burden with Odoo LIMS by LogicaSoft
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Location: Studio 6 - 10/7/21, 5:00 PM - 10/7/21, 5:30 PM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

Eliminating the Integration Burden with Odoo LIMS by LogicaSoft
Vincent Laurent Co-CEO LogicaSoft  at Logicasoft http://www.logicasoft.eu

Vincent Laurent is the manager of LogicaSoft, a Belgian Gold Partner. Vincent has a long experience in laboratory management, he has been manager of an important laboratory in Belgium for more than ten years. He is also principal and technical auditor for Belac, the official Belgian accreditation board.

Odoo LIMS by LogicaSoft is a set of fully integrated applications dedicated to laboratories, whether third party labs or manufacturing labs. These apps bring an extra layer to the standard Odoo apps, with which they work perfectly together. We successfully implemented Odoo LIMS in several countries (Belgium, France, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, China, etc.) and in various sectors: utilities, pharmaceutical products (ISO 13485), product certification, textiles, toys, etc. The LIMS is GLP ready, the most stringent requirement in the software industry. It is also compliant with accreditation norms like ISO/IEC 17025* or ISO 15189.

In this talk, we will emphasize on the use of Odoo LIMS in conjunction with the manufacturing module. The demo will show how we handle the production of products produced under ISO 13485, the issuing of a Certificate of Compliance and ensuring the quality and traceability of raw materials. This talk is dedicated to any professional within the manufacturing industry, user, business responsible or solution integrator.

* ISO/ICE 17025: 2015 is a norm applicable worldwide that requires LIMS systems deployed in laboratories to be validated according to stringent rules and must also offer advanced functionalities of data integrity protection, protection against falsification and an advanced audit trail.