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Deliver Great Customer Experiences for Less
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Location: Studio 7 - 10/6/21, 8:00 PM - 10/6/21, 8:30 PM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

Deliver Great Customer Experiences for Less
Jared Kipe President  at Hibou Corp.

Jared Kipe is the lead developer at Hibou, a US-based Odoo Partner. Hibou focuses on sustainable solutions, both out-of-the-box and through custom development, backed by enterprise-level support and user documentation. Hibou is also an avid contributor to the Odoo open-source community though their Hibou Odoo Suite: https://gitlab.com/hibou-io/hibou-odoo/suite

Deliver on time for less! Delivery Planner builds on Hibou’s popular Sale Order Planner module (https://hibou.io/docs/hibou-odoo-suite-1/sale-order-planner-128), allowing you to re-rate packages at the time of shipping to guarantee delivery commitments while choosing the most cost-effective shipping method for your business.

In this talk, we will start with an overview of Sale Order Planner, which provides the functionality to:

- Create product and category-level overrides for Order Planner Policies, which ensure that products with special requirements (i.e. must ship through a specific carrier, from a specific warehouse, or from the warehouse closest to the customer) are shipped efficiently/properly

- Provide available shipping methods based on the delivery address of the order, the sale order lines and associated Order Planner Policies, and resource calendars (both to indicate the working hours of warehouses and the delivery days for carriers)

- Includes a UI that allows the user to select the best shipping method for your customer with delivery dates provided directly from the carriers’ APIs

With this foundation in place, we will move on to a deep-dive of Hibou’s Delivery Planner module. Delivery Planner is used while processing delivery orders within the Inventory app. The user adds products to packages, per the normal shipping process, and then Delivery Planner jumps into action by:

- Rating individual packages on the transfer, showing you the cost to ship a package through available carriers’ shipping methods

- Displays UI feedback to the user to help them quickly make a decision by appropriately highlighting shipping methods that arrive earlier than the commitment date to the customer and those that would not arrive by the commitment date

- Splitting up a transfer into the number of unique transfers required to meet the user’s selection of shipping methods

We’ll wrap up with a walk-through of several real-life shipping scenarios and how Sale Order Planner and Delivery Planner deliver great customer experiences while saving your business money!