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Challenge Customers: Your Projects Depend On It
Business Functional Workshop Partner
Location: Studio 3 - 10/7/21, 3:00 PM - 10/7/21, 4:00 PM (Europe/Brussels) (1 hour)

Challenge Customers: Your Projects Depend On It
Catherine Vieslet & Nils Van Oosten Business & Partner Services  at Odoo

Catherine Vieslet is the QuickStart Consultants Manager at Odoo BE. After her first 18 months working with OpenERP V7, she started working with Odoo in June 2014.

As functional consultant, she completed many Odoo implementations for various customers in many different countries. Now, she leads the QuickStart Team, supporting her consultants in their skill development and helps make their projects a huge success. The other aspect of her job is to make the QuickStart Team face the growth (recruitment, quality, team's objectives, etc.).


Nils started at Odoo in 2015, as part of the Direct sales team, during the creation of the Odoo office in Belgium, when the team was composed of only 10 people. Today, this same team is comprised of nearly 80 people!

During the fast growth, and many adjustments over the past years, he grew with the company and helped define the way the Odoo solution is best proposed to end-customers. Nils was a pivotal part of the Direct Sales team and Account management team, which he helped grow and adopt the customer approach. And he's always worked from the Belgian office.

Today, Nils is active with the Account Managers that are focusing on "Partner Enablement," allowing new partners to be guided correctly during the early stages of their Odoo journey. This increases the partner networks' quality by assisting the partners intensively.

"Challenging" is the art of evaluating a customer's demand/requirement.

At Odoo, we consider this a standard practice for one reason: It's guaranteed to make the project a success.

Discover how (and when) we challenge a customer, along with some tips to make the 'Challenge' an added value to the overall discussion and relationship.

We'll explain why (and how) challenging customers during these stages is important - and why they play a major role in the success of the project and the satisfaction of the customer.

This talk will consist of 3 main stages:

- Pre-sales/evaluation period: What does the client really want/need?

- Implementation (definition & roll-out): How should the client work vs. what does he want to achieve?

- Go-Live, expansion (Change Management), how to challenge new requests, next phases, and Go-Live challenges.