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Adding Web Pin Map to Odoo
Location: Studio 8 - 10/7/21, 7:00 PM - 10/7/21, 7:30 PM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

Adding Web Pin Map to Odoo
Filippo Iovine Solution Architect at Rapsodoo

Filippo Iovine, solution architect, passionate about IT since the times of vic20 (and 4k was enough to build an app).

For starters, he enjoyed programming in assembly 6510 and 68000 later C / C ++, Cobol, Delphi, Java, and then finally stops suffering with Python (but still has masochistic tendencies with HTML and JavaScript).

He enjoyed developing any kind of software for various companies over more than 30 years and has worked for years abroad (Germany and Ireland, Philips and Irish Life) where he developed the tendency to help "others" by producing debugging and analysis tools for digital business processes.

Getting involved years ago in producing some Odoo modules, he’s still here trying to enjoy his job producing what is missing in the Odoo world.

Web Pin Map is a widget able to manage pins on a svg/jpg/png map and it can be adapted to any Odoo model using xml views to set which fields are involved: the main container (as can be a building), floors as map file field, map dimensions, pin objects and their positions, icons and other pin/map properties.

Rendering on the map is quite fast and interface flexible and reliable (CRUD on pins, search and locate pins, etc.), you can have for example buildings shared in floors then you can quickly navigate through floors (or even have a list of pins on side and moving directly to that pin floor location in no time).

This module helped us to make N.E.W. portal (an Italgas project) more user friendly for people responsible of handling company assets (as pins on floor plans) and related important asset properties.

Web Pin Map is helped, in performing the job, by the famous mapplic js widget that wraps its functionalities evolving them to meet Odoo framework needs.


Which are the main xml tag names in a web pin map xml view that define how map and pin properties are bound to Odoo custom model fields?