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A Quick Look at New Advanced Spreadsheet Features
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Location: Studio 8 - 10/6/21, 7:00 PM - 10/6/21, 7:30 PM (Europe/Brussels) (30 minutes)

A Quick Look at New Advanced Spreadsheet Features
Brett Hydeman VP of Sales  at Odoo

Brett is the VP of Sales for Odoo in the Americas, and has operated in a number of different roles within the Odoo organization over the past six years. In addition to helping to guide various sales departments to grow the ecosystem and convert new fans, he also enjoys rolling up his sleeves, diving deep into the software, and geeking out over new features.

Whether you are tracking budgets, calculating commissions, monitoring purchasing trends, or anything in between, Odoo's spreadsheet tool is here to improve your Business Intelligence across your entire organization.   

This year, there are a lot of upgrades that you will want to see: 

- Improved control over source pivot tables and ability to manipulate specific pivot cells. 

- Visualize your spreadsheet data with fully modifiable chart editor tools. 

- A-to-Z sorting to help organize columns. 

- Complete overhaul of conditional formatting options, including flashy status indicator icons.  

- Interactive formula control. 

Join us to see these new features (and more) in action, and learn how to gain more power with your data!


In V15, Odoo Spreadsheets can be generated from which of the following?
If you press the "ALT" key and the "=" key at the same time, in a cell below a series of values, what will happen?
If you click "Download" from within your spreadsheet, what file format is created?