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Event Odoo Experience 2020 starts on September 30, 2020 at 2:00:00 PM +0200
The Evolution of the Accounting Localizations
Location: Studio2 - 9/30/20, 11:30 AM - 9/30/20, 12:30 PM (EDT) (1 hour)

The Evolution of the Accounting Localizations
Josse Colpaert Python & Javascript Developer at Odoo

Josse Colpaert is the Lead Developer for the Accounting Localizations. Working for Odoo since 2011, he has been involved in the  Logistics modules and has also worked in the IoT department. But, for the last 2 years, he has been fully working on the Accounting Localizations. This spans from adding a new Chart of Accounts and Reports for a new country to entire EDI implementations, specifically for LATAM countries where this is often a legal requirement. He often enjoys working together with partners to complete these goals.

Fiscal Localization Packages are country-specific modules that install pre-configured taxes, fiscal positions, chart of accounts, and legal statements on your database. Odoo currently hosts Localization Packages for over 50 countries, however, new regulations are being constantly implemented. There are VAT Returns that we want to submit automatically, audit files that need export, special formats to the bank, and last but not least, electronic invoicing. In most countries, this can be seen as optional, but it is often becoming a legal requirement.

In this talk, you will not only learn about how localizations are set up but also how you could create or even contribute to your own localization package. You will learn how Odoo has evolved on supporting all those new requirements while providing easy-to-use features, and keeping the maintenance cost of all modules low.

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