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Event Odoo Experience 2020 starts on September 30, 2020 at 2:00:00 PM +0200
Odoo Website: How to Develop Building Blocks
Location: Studio5 - 10/1/20, 11:00 AM - 10/1/20, 11:30 AM (EDT) (30 minutes)

Odoo Website: How to Develop Building Blocks
Samuel Degueldre Python & Javascript Developer at Odoo

Samuel is a member of the R&D team developing the website module, in particular the Website Builder. He joined Odoo in August last year and has been responsible for new website features such as the dynamic background shapes, and illustrations with customizable colors.

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Website layouts are like puzzles: a number of pieces carefully put together in order to create something great! And, a website carefully put together, can drive conversions, build a relationship with the audience, and boost the brand.

In this talk, we will show you how to create new building blocks from scratch, and what that implies.

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Which of the following is not optional when creating a building block?
In which assets does a public widget need to be loaded to be available for visitors and website editors?
Which of the following options is available by default on a container?