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Event Odoo Experience 2020 starts on September 30, 2020 at 2:00:00 PM +0200
Odoo Purchase: Automate Suppliers Follow-Ups Based on OTDs
Demo Functional
Location: Studio4 - 9/30/20, 1:30 PM - 9/30/20, 2:00 PM (EDT) (30 minutes)

Odoo Purchase: Automate Suppliers Follow-Ups Based on OTDs
Gilles Merckx Functional Consultant at Odoo

After studying Business Administration, Gilles completed a PhD in Supply Chain Management where he tackled strategic questions on purchasing.

Now, working at Odoo for over a year, he is specializing himself in the Purchase and Inventory applications, as he has a keen interest in efficient supply chains.

Purchasing is a key but challenging activity to ensure production continuity, to meet customers' deadlines, and to reduce inventory spendings.

In this functional talk, you will learn how to lean on Odoo to ease purchasing processes and prevent human errors.

You will get to see, at first hand, the new tools of Odoo Purchase V14, and learn how you can have an overview of your RFQs and POs to ensure supply delivery and track your expenses.

Join us!