Odoo Experience

Odoo Experience 2017

2-day training: Odoo 11 Accounting

  • Antoine Huvelle - Business Analyst, Odoo
  • 10/02/2017 03:00

Master Odoo Accounting** * What will you learn?* This training covers the new accounting system introduced in Odoo 11 with emphasis on the newly upgraded features and functionalities. The session will cover all the core concepts needed for efficient daily use of Odoo Accounting. * Requirements* This training is for beginners/intermediate attendees with a basic functional knowledge of Odoo and of course, a good knowledge of accounting principles. * Why should you attend?* This session is aim...

2-day training: The Odoo JS framework

  • Gery Debongnie - Lead Developer, Odoo
  • 10/02/2017 03:00

Make your own interface with  Odoo JS framework ** *What will you learn?* This training aims to help you customize the user interface to your needs. In two days, we will create a basic project management add-on, with a dashboard, customized form widgets, and a new map view. This will be the opportunity to understand how the web client is designed and can be extended. Note that this training will be done in Odoo version 11. * Requirements* This training assumes that attendees have an interme...

2-day training: Odoo Studio

  • Laura Piraux - Product Owner, Odoo
  • 10/02/2017 03:00

Create your apps with Odoo Studio without coding** * What will you learn?* Through different case studies, you will learn how to use Odoo Studio v11 to create and customize Odoo apps in order to better fit your business needs. * Requirements* This functional training is aimed towards Odoo Ready partners and advanced Odoo users with limited technical experience/resources who want to explore customization possibilities using Odoo's out-of-the-box approach. Basic knowledge of HTML and XML is r...

2-day training: Odoo 11 Development

  • Stanislas Sobieski - Technical Consultant, Odoo
  • 10/02/2017 03:00

Introduction to Odoo Development** * What will you learn?* Learn basic usage of Odoo framework, and be able to create a new module from scratch. From business needs to new models, new fields, and interaction between them. * Requirements* Basic Python 2 knowledge (https://learnxinyminutes.com/docs/python/) is needed for this training. * Why should you attend?* Have a better understanding of Odoo framework, how it works and how the different pieces come together. This an initiation/starting l...

Next Generation HR: Flexible Salary Packages

Imagine your employees have the freedom to customize their salary package. Come discover the new salary package configurator you can share with your collaborators. Give your employees the power to choose the best salary configuration that best fits their needs (mobile phone, additional paid time off, company car, etc.) ...

Manage a service company like a pro

Discover a practical approach to handling a service company with timesheets. Come to this conference and see the latest improvements in the project management system including added features like integration between timesheet and forecast, cost and revenue computation. Get full analysis of your projects, from the quote to the invoice. In addition to this, get more information on resource planning, forecasting, and working hours. ...

Security: 10 rules for safer code

  • Olivier Dony - Software & SaaS Engineer, Security team, Odoo

In this talk, we will cover the top 10 development mistakes that lead to security issues. Olivier Dony will go through all the security issues we have had over the past 3 years and give tips on how to avoid the traps for a safer code. *Here is an example of the firsts 3 rules (click to download the PDF):* * ** * None [1] * * * ** ** * [1] /web/content/4001397?unique=6f9b26b53550f432e85f6a1a1104e34d9ccb5a34&download=true ...

The Odoo JS Framework

  • Gery Debongnie - Lead Developer, Odoo

One of the main new features for developers is the new views. During this conference, discover how the web client is designed and can be extended. Topics include: Overall design (web client/action manager/views/widgets/etc.) Odoo JS modules Extensibility/modularity: the strengths (and weaknesses) of Odoo New architecture for views in Odoo Designing a widget/client action/view from scratch How the web client widgets are tested ...