Odoo Experience 2017

Load Testing: How to Stress Your Odoo with Locust

  • Michael Vannerom, Developer - Odoo
  • 10/04/2017 14:30
  • Lauzelle

Load testing: How to stress your Odoo with Locust Deploying an Odoo instance on production can be an adventure without its challenges. If you want to get the maximum resources from your server, you have to adapt different options. It is not always easy to know the number of workers and the different limits depending on them. But after you setup your server how do you know if your theoretic value seems to be correct and when can you see the first error appear. To be sure that your system stays us...

Odoo HA & Monitoring

  • Nicolas Seinlet, Software Developer - Odoo
  • 10/04/2017 17:30
  • Foyer du Lac

Target audience: Experts, partners, on-premise customers who want to achieve HA deployments, and on-premise customers who want to deploy on cloud providers like azure Versions covered: from 8 to 11- it's not version dependent What will people learn from this talk: - What to look at to deploy Odoo in HA. - What are key metric values for monitoring. - Storing sessions in a DB instead of filesystem - Pitfalls with some deployments - How to solve some deployment issues What should be expected from t...

Tips to fine tune PostgreSQL to boost performances?

  • Nicolas Seinlet, Software Developer - Odoo
  • 10/05/2017 14:30
  • Foyer du Lac

This talk is not for noob developers (no need to be an expert), but everybody developing their own modules, or deploying the modules of others. It's also intended for people who have deployed their own Odoo, even purely standard, and want to improve the performance. This can also apply to anybody on SaaS, but it's more tricky. For Odoo.sh, it can help people to improve their deployments by adding the required indexes, and removing unused ones. Versions covered: any version from 7 to 11. What you...

Moving Legacy Data into Odoo Using the Import

  • Thibault François, Technical Consultant Team Leader - Odoo
  • 10/06/2017 11:45
  • Lauzelle

This talk targets beginners and expert developers, but it can also be useful for project managers to understand the complexity of the process. What the attendees will learn from this talk: - A methodology on how to import legacy data into Odoo - Specific format needed to import data - Make a proper mapping between extracted data and data to be loaded in Odoo - Tools to import and export large amount of data into/from Odoo This talk will allow attendees to understand the challenges we face when w...