Odoo: Simplify Your Business Management (e.g. AES)

This talk mainly targets beginners. Attendees will be able to understand how a simple system can actually help manage a company in an easier and more effective manner. The idea is to present how a system can structure internal processes and help companies increase and improve the efficiency of their daily operations. For a CEO, the idea is to be able to easily monitor and have a good overview of his company.

This presentation will explain in a simple manner how Odoo works, and how we can help organizations with their operation with a system that's built to last. 

In the presentation we will take a real company as an example, to better show how Odoo works in a real life situation. We will present their pain points, and what they were looking for, the solution that was proposed, and the way we implemented the solution. This will show how Odoo allows the client to immediately start working with the new system.


John Charles Fabry, Business Advisor - Odoo

Date & time

10/05/2017 11:00


20 minutes

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