Marketing for Partners - How Can Odoo Assist You?

As an Odoo Partner, what is your strategy to establish your company as a trusted expert in your field?

Without a clear marketing methodology, you might be missing out on business opportunities by not getting the exposure you deserve.

This talk is targeted at partners who feel like their marketing strategy could use a boost. In this presentation we’ll discuss which steps partners can take to improve their marketing efforts, and how Odoo can help you get the most out of them. We’ll go through the funnel step-by-step, from getting yourself in front of the right audience, to generating more leads and improving your conversion rate.

With this talk we aim to assist partners and give them ideas on how to better market themselves, and Odoo. Is there something you can do to improve your landing page and increase the conversion rate? What can you do to improve your overall customer experience? What marketing material and tools are available to you? We will discuss all this and what Odoo can offer to help you become more successful in your marketing activities.


Elin Anna Jonasdottir (ejo)

Date & time

10/04/2017 15:30


20 minutes

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