VOIP with Odoo: AlloCloud

Odoo Experience 2016

Odoo has proved to be a fantastic platform to boost the efficiency of an organization. How about going further and fully integrating Odoo with your enterprise telephony?

The browser becomes your phone. You simply click on an Odoo contact to call her/him. Also, when someone calls Odoo tells you who it is etc.

In this presentation (with live demo), you will see how the combination of your favorite ERP and a Cloud-based telephony platform can get an organization to the next level of success.

About The Author

Jacques Gripekoven is a visionary figure in the world of Cloud-based telecommunication services. His vision is to build API-rich Cloud platforms in order to allow added-value integrations with other Cloud services.

Practical Info

10/06/2016 06:00
20 minutes
Functional / Lauzelle