Vectis' business case : implementation and benefits of Odoo for a service SME

Odoo Experience 2016

This is a modest, but yet happy business case story :-)

During this presentation, I will answer to questions like : is Odoo interesting for my service SME, are an implementation and daily use worth it? Will users be happy? Will my management improve ?

  • Introduction : vectis' context and history, goals in terms of management and process support, what makes Vectis similar to any service SME

  • Part 1: implementation project, a description

  • Part 2: Odoo everyday use for the sales, the delivery, the management - a single process

  • Part 3: what's next @ vectis with Odoo

  • Conclusion 

About The Author

Jean-Philippe Wagnon

Jean-Philippe (41) studied business administration at the Solvay Business School. He is the founder 12 years ago of Vectis, a team of 12 active in the domains of advisory (governance, organisation, compliance, management), internal audit and trainings for the financial sector in Luxembourg.

Practical Info

10/05/2016 06:30
20 minutes
Business Sessions / Biéreau (-1)