Odoo Experience

Odoo Experience 2016

Ease inter-company flows with inter-company rules

  • 10/05/2016 05:30
  • Functional / Lauzelle

We will show you how to ease the inter-company communication. Creating a sale order in company A for Company B will automatically create a purchase order in company B. In the same way, the customer invoice in company A will create the supplier invoice in company B. ...

Shipper Integration: tips and tricks (UPS, DHL, Fedex)

  • 10/05/2016 06:30
  • Functional / Lauzelle

How to configure and use shippers integration applications. We will show you the configuration and a test flow. During this functional flow you will see how the shipper fees are integrated to the sale order. We will print the delivery slip from the delivery order and deliver the product. From the sale order to the invoice, everything is integrated. ...

Odoo eCommerce: Payment acquirers integration

  • 10/07/2016 07:00
  • Functional / Lauzelle

We will show you how to configure and setup payment gateway on your e-Commerce. The use cases will be done with Paypal. All providers will be detailed in terms of coverage in the slide show. ...