Odoo Experience 2016

Common mistakes SME’s make during their Odoo implementation

  • Richard Shall (rsh)
  • 10/05/2016 14:00
  • Partners / Bruyères

Acquiring and Onboarding Successful Odoo Talents

  • 10/06/2016 11:00
  • Partners / Bruyères

This talk will cover the best practices around finding, recruiting, onboarding, and ramping up sales professionals and consultants in an Odoo business unit. Finding the right talents and growing a team are often challenges that Odoo integrators and partners have a hard time overcoming. Here we will address important lessons in order to make this process as efficient as possible and ultimately industrialize the creation of a kick-ass team. None [1] Recruitment: Sourcing candidates Conducting in...

Getting your team ready for their first SME sales

  • 10/06/2016 14:30
  • Partners / Bruyères

The Direct sales department in Odoo is most likely the team with the most customer and prospect contact. During the talk we will share how our sales people are being transformed from freshly graduated students into ODOO SME Business advisers. Various topics will pass by; - Daily activities of an Odoo sales. - Preparing a new sales member to sell Odoo to SME's - Active numbers and team activity performances of the direct team members....

Who is behind Odoo? Culture & Management at Odoo SA/Inc

  • Séverine Delhove (sde)
  • 10/05/2016 11:30
  • Main Theatre

Culture matters for the company. Culture defines the working environment. A great working environment allows innovation, ability to execute faster and good performance. The culture matters for people: we spend 20% of our life at work. Better do it with a purpose, building something awesome, in a fun environment where we can continuously learn. Come discover the culture management at Odoo, how Odoo fit work life changes and the culture in day to day work. ...

Vectis' business case : implementation and benefits of Odoo for a service SME

  • 10/05/2016 12:30
  • Business Sessions / Biéreau (-1)

This is a modest, but yet happy business case story :-) During this presentation, I will answer to questions like : is Odoo interesting for my service SME, are an implementation and daily use worth it? Will users be happy? Will my management improve ? Introduction : vectis' context and history, goals in terms of management and process support, what makes Vectis similar to any service SME Part 1: implementation project, a description Part 2: Odoo everyday use for the sales, the delivery, the m...

Electronic orders and invoices: UBL, ZUGFeRD, e-fff...

  • 10/05/2016 17:00
  • Business Sessions / Biéreau (-1)

In this conference, I will present the work I made during the last 9 months on electronic orders and electronic invoices. It corresponds to these 4 announcements: 1) December 25th 2015: import regular PDF invoices and electronic invoices in Odoo http://www.akretion.com/blog/akretions-christmas-present-for-the-odoo-community 2) March 24th 2016: create and import ZUGFeRD electronic invoices in Odoo http://www.akretion.com/blog/akretion-publishes-zugferd-modules-to-create-and-import-electronic-i...

Transfleet, Fleet Management System

  • 10/06/2016 17:00
  • Business Sessions / Biéreau (-1)

Transfleet covers all logistics processes and allows companies to track in real time every step of the transport activities. We will present a case study based on a real client. ...

How to build and improve a successful sales team

  • 10/07/2016 10:30
  • Partners / Bruyères

During this talk, we will give you tip & tricks to: Evaluate the sales force Measure productivity, choose the right KPI's Hiring process: find to the right people for the right job Sales people types Fit to your floor, company spirit and product. Provide training efficiently and adequately Skills required: sector specific, general sales Provide leadership and support Time-efficient assistance Communication Motivational tools Dealing with high and low performers ...

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