Runbot dockerized with travis2docker

Odoo Experience 2016

The benefits of using docker in CI similar to travis.
- Debugging errors hard to hunt.

- Auto-installation of packages re-using MQT.

What will be presented?  

- Generation of isolated environments

- Reproduce errors what in local is not present

- Introduction to MQT scripts to generate instances

- Introduction to travis2docker

The structure will be as follow:  

- Description of Docker and MQT scripts.

- Introduction to travis2docker and travis CI.

- Benefits of dockerized runbot.

Live demostration:

- Basic build and running

- Database lists with 'psql -l'

- Connect to instance.

- Connect to build from ssh

- Debbuging

About The Author

Jesús Alan Ramos Rodríguez

Jesús Alan Ramos Rodríguez has been graduated from the Institute Tecnológico de Monterrey Campus Laguna with a Bachelor of Creation and Development of Enterprises.

He studied abroad in universities like Corvinus in Budapest, Univerzita Karlova V Praze in Prague, Stanford University in San Francisco and Babson College in Boston Massachusetts.

Jesus is an Odoo developer since 2014 and has a strong tendency to quality control in software. He has taken technical training with Vauxoo, attended Belgium in 2014 and San Francisco last year.

Technology fan, self-taught and in constant training, Jesus worked five years at the turn of Freight and Heavy Machinery. He is currently CEO of Jarsa Sistemas, a company which is making its way in the world of business software.

Moises Lopez

Moisés López, Engineer TI Vauxoo's CTO. Fan of software quality assurance and metrics such as cyclomatic complexity, profiling, testing coverage Integrator of Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment. Moises is an Odoo developer since 2007. Contributor of Python Code Quality Authority projects such pylint. Creator of static checker pylint-odoo project. Creator of travis2docker tool. Active contributor and member of Odoo Community Association.

Practical Info

10/05/2016 06:00
20 minutes
Developers / Hocaille (-1)