Purchase agreements, blanket orders and purchase tenders

Odoo Experience 2016

Discover how to negotiate with your vendors. We will show you how to launch purchase agreements, integrate supplier's answers in the process. Choose the best offer and send purchase requisitions easily. Use reporting to analyse the quality of your suppliers afterwards.

In a second time, we will show you the purchase blanket tool, how to negociate pricing with vendor for a while. 

About The Author

Antoine Huvelle - Business Analyst, Odoo

Having worked for more than 5 years at Odoo, I started working on training our partners and client while taking care of small projects. For three years now, I'm taking part in projects, sometimes as PM, sometimes as BA, where more experience and knowledge about our wonderful product is needed. Always enthusiastic about new features (I even try to propose new ones sometimes :p), I try to always find a solution among the available tools and in the scope of my client's abilities.

Practical Info

10/05/2016 09:00
20 minutes
Functional / Lauzelle